Anitah Fabiola Cons Upcoming Musician Prince Omar

Posted: 2019-08-27T07:29:33Z Read: 5,836 times
Anitah Fabiola Cons  Upcoming Musician Prince Omar

She is one of the hottest babes in the showbiz. Many men would wish to associate with her.  Anita Fabiola lives a high budget lifestyle most girls in her age bracket just dream about.

And Upcoming musician Prince Omar wanted to just be in her world for hours. He paid 2m to have her company but he ended up crying tears.

Prince Omar, who premiered a music video  at Laparoni's a few weeks ago was left in shock when Fabiola disappeared from Serena hotel and appeared at Laparano's later.

She was paid to make an appearance with him. She was supposed to arrive with his entourage from Serena hotel but after taking the money, she ditched them and arrived at the venue alone.

She didn't want to be seen with an upcoming musician.

Our efforts to reach Fabiola were futile by press time.

We shall keep you posted