Prophet Mbonye Followers Mock Martha Kay After Her Nude Photos Go Viral

Posted: 2019-06-04T08:51:51Z Read: 3,513 times
Prophet Mbonye Followers Mock Martha Kay After Her Nude Photos Go Viral

On September 3rd 2017, Martha Kay expressed her dissatisfaction with the way Prophet Elvis Mbonye treats his followers.

The post on her Facebook page condemned the act of kissing the prophet’s feet as a way of getting blessings.

 “Please abeg. Have we just been submitted to the GRACE AND GLOOORYYYYY of a man????? At his feet????? No Jesus Christ help us.

Last time I posted about this guy people made posts about me that I will die a painful and tragic death. And very soon at that. I bind in Jesus name. But who is this that wrote on behalf of an entire continent???? Shouldn’t we have voted atleast smh. God we repent for this madness please,” Martha Kay’s post read.

Days after her nude photos went viral, Mbonye's followers are trolling her. They have taken to their social media platforms to jubilate amidst her troubles.

One of the followers quoted Martha Kay’s post from 2 years ago and captioned it, “Martha it is harvest time.” While the other posted, “The power of the prophet never sleeps. This is just the beginning. All that is happening to you is because of the man of God you mocked. You are yet to see. Meanwhile we are happy that you feel the pain". 

It should be noted that Prophet Mbonye’s followers are famous for their outrageous faith and blind love for their pastor who has been described by many as a “conman” masquerading as a pastor.