Weasel Opens Up On Working With King Saha

Posted: 2019-02-16T06:52:34Z Read: 4,972 times
Weasel Opens Up On Working With King Saha

A year ago, Goodlyfe half singer Mowzey Radio  died after sustaining injuries in a bar brawl in Entebbe.

Weasel then teamed up with King Saha, another silky voiced singer and the two dropped a smash hit titled  "Mpa love" recorded by Nessim pan production.

This left many fans wondering whether Goodlyfe management  was replacing  the late with King Saha.

Insiders reveal that Weasel and Sasha have already recorded over 15 songs and they will be outed this year.

"King Saha is one of the most talented artistes I have ever met.I love working with him," Weasel Manizo commented when he was asked about  working with King Saha.

They have also released another song dubbed "onkubisa".