Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to bring the Prophetic Alphabetical Order to Uganda

Posted: 2018-09-26T10:32:30Z
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to bring the Prophetic Alphabetical Order to Uganda

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is on a Global Prophetic Tour where he is going to various corners of the globe to win souls for Jesus Christ and also doing Humanitarian work.

Known for all forms of controversy, the Man of God has another controversial way of ministration dubbed ‘The Prophetic Alphabetical Order’. This is a new way of prophesying where he calls forth a person and asks the person to choose any letter of the alphabet and from it, he begins to prophesy to the person. This goes on until all the 25 letters of the alphabet have been exhausted. While ministering to the people, the Prophet explained that all these is to let the people know and believe that God is still speaking. The fact that God knows everything about you is reason enough for you to believe and raise your faith when you finally hear the Prophet declare the blessing of God over you or specifically mention the kind of blessing you should expect.

The media has in the recent past reported that the last time Prophet Shepherd Bushiri came to Uganda, he invited Doctors to come to his crusade with the most sophisticated machines for testing HIV/AIDS, Blood Pressure, diabetes and all manner of incurable diseases. When the doctors honoured the invitation, he requested all those who are suffering with any of the above terminal illnesses to visit the doctors’ tent to test and confirm that the disease is actually in their blood, thereafter, he would invite them to the pulpit, pray for them and sent them back to the doctors. One by one, they tested and were declared totally healed as no traces of diseases were found in their blood after prayer. Instant miracles of all kinds were documented at this crusade. His followers are so expectant of a great move of God and talk so passionately about a higher dimension of Prophesy known as the Prophetic Alphabetical order.

In his tour Dubbed ‘The Global Prophetic Tour and Miracle Crusade’ will be held in Kampala from 2nd – 4th October 2018 at Lugogo Cricket Oval. Many of his followers from all regions of Uganda and other neighbouring countries have already started arriving for this massive Prophetic Crusade that will take place next week.

He was in neigbouring Tanzania last week for Three Days of Global prophetic tour where business almost came to a standstill in Moshi as tens of thousands flocked the streets to catch a moment with the major prophet. He will be in his Homeland of Malawian the 29th September 2018 where he will have a crusade in Lilongwe at the Gigantic Bingu National Stadium and then prepare to fly straight to Uganda on the 1st October 2018 in his private jet, in time for the crusade that starts on the 2nd October 2018.

The Tour has taken him to South Korea, United States of America, Australia, Dubai, Nigeria and he is set to visit India and other countries for this religious gathering.