Zari Hassan: 'I Won't Organise White Parties Anymore'

Posted: 2018-09-24T07:23:36Z
Zari Hassan: 'I Won't Organise White Parties Anymore'

Socialite Zari Hassan relaunched her annual All White Parties last year at Club Guvnor after taking a sabbatical. News we gather is that she has now given up the idea of organising the annual parties. She won't be holding any more parties.

Zari says she is withdrawing from the party scene to concentrate on other things, mostly business and her family. She feels like she has outgrown the parties.

The mother of five also says the dates of her parties happen collide with those when they celebrate Ivan Ssemwanga's life.

She says she is also tired of displaying every bit of her life on social media.

But we all know that it is very hard for Zari to stop sharing her private life on social media. She often breaks her own resolutions.

 "I am going to sieve what goes there. I am tired of that life where everyone knows what's going on," she said.