Bebe Cool Throws Tantrum At Bobi Wine In New Song

Posted: 2018-09-22T08:20:34Z
Bebe Cool Throws Tantrum At Bobi Wine In New Song

After being violently attacked at Cricket Oval, Lugogo during Swangz Avenue All Star Concert, and undergoing continuous social media attacks from the #PeoplePower cult, Bebe Cool has decided to hit back with what he does best, music.

News on Howwe desk indicates that the "Big Size" singer has come back with a brand new song titled, "Nsirikamu" which indirectly attacks a particular artiste (Bobi Wine) and  his unruly supporters.

The lyrics of the song criticize people who attack Bebe Cool for his opinions.

 He says they cannot handle his music game because he is undoubtedly number one in the industry.

 "Each time you see amateurs excited for appearing on Al-Jazera TV for the first time yet to you it’s a life style nga osirikamu( literally translated as you keep quiet). When you discover that you are better than them financially, morally, physically, musically and psychologically tewekooya nga osilikamu. Knowing that you are on top of the chat and you have confused all your opponents after the Lugogo saga nga osilikamu," some of the extracts from Bebe Cool's lyrics.

This is not the first time Bebe Cool has attacked Bobi Wine through his songs. Previously, he attacked him in "Kasepiki" and "Coccidiosis".

Bobi Wine is yet to respond and we will keep you posted.