Nigerian Star Korede Bello Set To Excite Teens At Lugogo Hockey Grounds

Posted: 2018-09-15T08:30:13Z
Nigerian Star Korede Bello Set To Excite Teens At Lugogo Hockey Grounds

This is the third time Marvins Records superstar Korede Bello has visited Uganda.

News landing the howwe desk indicates that the singer who jetted into the country afew days ago is set to perform at the Fly Teen Fest at Lugogo Hockey grounds today.

While speaking to the teens yesterday at The Lawns Upper Kololo, Korede Bello promised the teens to have fun as they play different games with him before he can climax the day with a promised and much anticipated master class performance. "Lets come out in big numbers and do our thing. I am looking forward to having a good time, and engaging in different sports activities with all young people before I can give you the best of my performances". The "Godwin" hitmaker remarked.

Koredo Bello further cautioned teens against using drugs, " I know what it means to be a teen. But you don't have to use drugs like tobacco  to be cool. It is actually very rewarding to lead a clean lifestyle." He told the teens.

The Fly Teen Fest is also expected to be graced by Uganda's finest like Geosteady, Spice Diana, Lydia Jazmine, Da Agent, Levixone and Coop Bly among others.

The Fly Fest is an event organised by Fly, a community of teens expressing who they are through choices they make funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and its aimed at reducing uptake of smoking among teenagers in Uganda.

About Fly.

Fly is a teen empowerement movement that aims to build resilience in teens and prevent them from using tobacco.
Fly encourages teens to express themselves through the choices they make and gives them a platform to share the things that matter to them and the things they don't want as part of their life. They invite them to do this by asking them what's their thing and what their thing isn't.

Lots of teens have told fly that music, dancing being a good friend, staying true to who they are is their thing. And they have also told fly that bullying backstabbing  and using tobacco isn't their thing. 

Fly encourages teens to stay focused on their positive choices to build resilience so that they can confidently say no to things they don't want in their life.

What Fly Wants To Achieve.

Fly wants to build empowerement amongst teens so that they can ultimately build resilience to tobacco. By helping teens celebrate what they do and who they are. They are building a confident, ambitious and tobacco free generation.

Fly's Approach To Building A Tobacco Free Generation.

Tell a teen not to do something and they will do it. Immediately you look away. Based on this conversational truth, we wanted to build an attractive and inspirational movement that every teen would aspire to be part of.

So fly found a way of reaching their hearts through their own passions because that's when they listen most. So through games, music, school and other passions, they have positioned Fly as a platform for teens to explore their interests, passions and identity while discussing the core elements of empowerment and resilience to tobacco.

Fly introduced 'My Thing'  and 'Not My Thing' teen centric conversation tool that allows us to position   smoking in opposition to the values and lifestyle they aspire to in a way that  comes from them.