Musician Sasha Brighton Exits De New Eagles

Posted: 2018-07-05T08:17:58Z Read: 10,748 times
Musician Sasha Brighton Exits De New Eagles

Musician Sasha Brighton is now a solo artiste after quitting a popular music group, De New Eagles on Tuesday.

She started her singing career at the band and now, she has embarked on a solo career.

She announced her exit through one of her social media platforms, "I officially make this clear. This is Sasha Brighton Kalungi, a solo artiste now. I’d like to thank my parents plus my brothers n sisters( De Nu Eagles family) for being co-operative for all these years I have worked with u. I know some will judge me while others will understand. From today onwards, I choose a solo career. era am gonna be doing my music nga nze!!! I thank u my parents okunfuula kyendi leero era I do appreciate u nsaba wemwajja Allah abadizeewo God bless u all. I love u De Nu Eagles family n am gonna miss u all."

However, a close source has told Howwe that over-exploitation by the band CEO, singer Geoffrey Lutaaya and wife, Irene Namatovu was the cause of her exit.

Brighton has added to a list of musicians including Izon T and Grace Khan that have exited the group for solo careers.

We shall keep you posted.