Weasel: I Don’t Have Money To Save Chagga

Posted: 2018-06-22T09:55:07Z
Weasel: I Don’t Have Money To Save Chagga

Talent manager, Chagga might serve all six months in jail after failing to solicit 18M,  that is demanded by a music promoter, who had him detained .

Chagga was arrested a couple of days ago, and has since been behind the coolers.

This is after he received a deposit of 2.5m out of 5m as booking fee to have the Goodlyfe boys perform in Luwero. The Goodlyfe did not turn up, but sang at a nearby show, something which madly incensed the music promoter identified to us Paul.

Chagga has been calling all  his friends to his rescue, but not many are responding.

His artiste Weasel claims he has no money to save his longtime manager.

 This was revealed by Paul, who confirms that  he called Weasel himself, but the artiste said, “I do not have even a penny,” and hang up.

Weasel is also wanted over the same matter. It is believed that the call inviting him to bring whatever he has was a bait to nab him as well.