Nutty Neithan Finally Chops Off Dreadlocks

Posted: 2018-06-13T07:49:28Z Read: 3,825 times
Nutty Neithan Finally Chops Off Dreadlocks

Dancehall artiste, Nutty Neithan has chopped off his long dreadlocks, that he had kept for a long time.

He trimmed his hair from popular celebrity salon, Zziwa Hair Studio (HairbyZziwa) in Kisementi.

He now keeps short frizzy hair with a design on the sides. It is not the first time he is changing his looks. Usually, he does so to shoot music videos, but according to a friend who accompanied him to the salon, Nutty Neithan thinks its time to move on.

“Nutty thinks he has outgrown some things, and dreadlocks had to go," a friend said.