Katikkiro Salutes Fada Pest's 'Uganda Empya' Single

Posted: 2014-08-23T08:51:16Z

Katikkiro saluted Fada Pest who sang Uganda Empya single at his arrival at the Buganda board meeting.

"This song is our ambition as its about postivity in Uganda, we need to work together and stand as one" -- says the Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiiga.

Uganda Empya written and sang by Fada Pest himself which was first recorded at his Nubia Records Studio.

This Song has been remixed by Clyde of Blitz Records who gives it a magical touch. Clyde is close friends and family with Fada Pest as rumour has it and is also working on Fada Pest's new Album.

Fada Pest inspired from the visit of Buju banton horse voice to emphasize on postivity.

Its more than a decade Fada Pest has been in the dancehall industry, since school days at st bslikudembe mitala maria with his blood brother Robert Marshal as they pioneered thd banton family horse voices.

Scoffing rude this summer Fada Pest is still vibrant and making headlines in the diaspora with close family friends Kuk Li, Myco Chris and Gento P.

Fada Pest will lead the entourage of the artistes in the diaspora at the Ttofali fundraising at Harris Academy this Saturday 23rd August 2014.

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