Goodlyfe USA Tour In A Mess

Posted: 2017-09-02T07:27:07Z
Goodlyfe USA Tour In A Mess

The dynamic duo, Radio and Weasel have delayed to touch down in the USA ahead of their one and half months music tour due to chicken games played by their promoter.

According to reliable sources from the Goodlyfe camp, the singers requested for 3 business class tickets which the promoter took lightly and instead forwarded economy class tickets on Wednesday 30th August.

The singers took this as a joke and refused to honour his invitation. They were supposed to travel with their manager Lawrence.

The USA based promoter switched off his phones after delivering the tickets but was shocked when the plane landed without them on board.

“The promoter is now panicking to send business class tickets so that they can fly out on Friday (yesterday)," a source intimated us.

The music tour kicks off on 1st September and runs until 28th October.