Rabadaba Set To Premiere New Video At Club Amnesia

Posted: 2017-02-28T09:27:01Z
Rabadaba Set To Premiere New Video At Club Amnesia

Singer Sseguya Faisal commonly known as Rabadaba was at one point the face of dancehall music in Uganda.  In 2009, his style and rich lyrics made him untouchable. If you remember he came around the same time when America's rapper Lil Wyane was at the epic of his career and Rabadaba was seen as a perfect replica of Lil Wyane (Uganda's Lil Wayne).

He dropped magical songs like Mukyamu, Lunyilili and of course his irresistible touch on collaborations like ‘Nva Zebali’ ft Cindy, Ability with Goodlyfe but then, he suddenly fell of music chats amidst allegations that he stabbed late Rastafarian Thaddeus.

Well forget the past, it seems like the guy is back on the grind. At the end of last year, he jumped onto a duet with Rwandese hottie Jodie to do Body song which has been a club anthem when you thought all is done.

Here is ‘Nzuuno’ another banger that he will premiere its video this Thursday 3rd March at Plaza building based club Amnesia. The entrance is free and club beer goes for 2500shs only