Keko Doesn’t Like To Bath - Sheebah‘s Pal

Posted: 2017-02-22T11:53:22Z
Keko Doesn’t Like To Bath - Sheebah‘s Pal

Singer Sheeba Karungi has never come out to respond to fellow singer Keko accusations that were made like one year ago. 

Keko claimed that Sheeba was the worst person she has ever met in her life and she regrets to ever knowing her.  She even threatened to find her in a bar and thump her to pulp.

Last week, Keko went ahead and made several comments in media about Sheeba. Sheeba, through her friend, has fired back at Keko,

Sheeba has never come out to talk about Keko ever since they separated. But, she wonders why Keko uses every opportunity to destroy her. We know more dirty things about Keko but we never talk. First of all, that Keko has a very funny smell. People who have gotten close to her can testify. She never used to bath, she hates it. My friend couldn’t stand her. Her daily life was based on hard drugs and when we would tell her to stop, she would be furious. She refused and she ended up in the rehab.  We give Keko much respect but she has to accept that Sheeba let her ago and she is not interested anymore. Do you know how old that chic is? She shouldn’t be the one making this Kind of noise” She ranted.

Keko we are waiting for your response