Musicians Who Were Glad To See 2016 End

Posted: 2017-01-06T08:43:50Z
Musicians Who Were Glad To See 2016 End

It is hard to make out what 2016 was like, musically speaking and on the celebrities side. I mean, it wasn’t been awful but it hasn’t been phenomenal either. We really had some good things really going on. Sebastian Ntare takes us through the year. The good and the bad. The artists that made it and those that will never forget 2016. And weird predictions of those they might get off our eyes in 2017.

Musicians who were glad to see 2016 go

Leila Kayondo

She tops the list and easily. The last time she was musically relevant, the US was still adjusting to the possibility of having a black president. Things have done more than downhill ever since she left the dream gals group. Fast forward, she lost a husband to another woman. Sk Mbuga. More so, she was badly beaten by the same who left as she tried to move on. She prayed for the year to end.

Jackie Chandiru

The year 2016 was awful for her, at one point, her life was allegedly in danger with various reports in the media claiming substance abuse was at heart of the problem. Jackie was at one time feared dead. It took her three months in the rehab to gain her life. 2016 was the worst for her. Then, the man snatching allegations never end. She was the worst musicians in 2016

Bobi wine

The last I made a negative reference to Bobi wine on social media, my inbox got swamped by a bunch of folks who probably regretted coming there in the first place. I give as good as I get, an old habit and it was the fan and I still stand my ground, in 2016 Bobi wine lost his way musically talking. Bobi wine has been and was the most influential musician in this dusty land. But 2016, he surely lost. He had even to go back to school and do law. He had even channelled into being politicians. All are the signs of a sinking ship. 2016 was the worst for him,

The Afrigo Band

The story broke that the band was breaking up. It took some journalistic investigation for some clarity to be shed on the matter. There were a few indifferences here and there. Keyboardist Daniel Kaggwa and guitarist quit Frank Mbalire quit and teamed up with vocalist Sammy Kasule and drummer Isaac Zimbe. But for a few tense weeks, things got a bit unsavoury, a word you would never have associated with the Afrigo Band, who are the reverend in this town. 2016 is a year you can be certain Moses Matovu will want to forget

Maurice Kirya

We don’t want to say much about the King of women in Kampala but Maurice Kirya will live to remember 2016. It is the year he performed to almost empty chairs at Serena. He was hurt but he tried to counsel himself up to when it passed.