Kizza Besigye Roasted On Social media Over His Rastafarian Son

Posted: 2016-12-26T09:47:10Z
Kizza Besigye Roasted On Social media Over His Rastafarian Son

Ugandan long-standing opposition leader Kizza Besigye has tasted the wrath of Ugandans when he shared a photo of his family with a caption:

“I am grateful to Winnie for singlehandedly bringing up this young man. His heart is in the right place.”

However, the picture attracted mixed reactions from fans and followers with many condemning for appreciating his wife’s role in bring up his son, Anselm Besigye.

On the other hand, the photo has become a topic of discussion and has been shared multiple times on several online forums and social media platforms.

Many, who still believe in African culture, were asking if it was right for a person of Kizza Besigye’s stature to leave the son grow dreads.

Single handedly!!!. That boy's style is disgusting us Africans ,Ugandans in particular. You should as a father do something about his style. I think with his mother always 'it's my right, it's his right ". We are Ugandans and we need children to grow decently not like bayaye. He may not be a muyaye but if he looks like one here in Uganda it brings disrespect to the family. I hear u people very happy that he was admitted to Harvard which is very good but academic is not everything. Leave no room for people to criticize this young boy cos of un Africa lifestyle for the better of his future. And let me hope by saying single handedly u are not trying to distance yourself from the boy's un African lifestyle you may not be comfortable with too!!, says one of Besigye’s fans.

Below are some of the reactions;

Severio July: If you can't spare time for your only child how are you doing to manage the whole nation with it's problems mushrooming everyday

Don Moses: But with dreadlocks pliz KB advice ur on one on one to cut it off. That hairstyle is associated to rastas and guys who live careless lifestyle. Akena came back like that when the farther died but it didn't take him long to realise on his own that his appearance speaks volumes. It doesn't cost him n the family anything.

Mugerwa Robert N: Our society has a phobia for men's dreadlock, it is associated with lumpenism and social mediocrity, so let that one be looked into,i saw him on Nbs news while in church but i couldnot imagine that he is the one bse of the dreads.