Pastor Wilson Bugembe Spits Venom At Woman Who Wants To Marry Him.

Posted: 2016-11-07T11:26:54Z
Pastor Wilson Bugembe Spits Venom At Woman Who Wants To Marry Him.

Pastor Wilson Bugembe of Light the world ministries, Nansana has finally spoken out about the recent move by a one Leila Bangi who claimed God had sent her to marry the humble pastor.

Leila Bangi claims she deserted her well paying job in Oman to return home and get married to the longtime bachelor pastor Wilson Bugembe,however Leila happens to be a Moslem.

In the video clip shared around on Whatsapp the lady claims to have received a vision from God.

Pastor Bugembe had this to say on his facebook page.

Laila the woman in the news reminds of a story.

Some where in Africa in a big slum a man was having bath in a local bathroom. Being in an open place he put his cloths off and put them somewhere (very comon in poor bathrooms. )

So a mad man came and stole his cloths! The man saw him taking off with his cloths. He opened the door and chessed the mad man through the entire town.

The entire village said one statement, 2 naked mad men passed here chessing each other! They couldn't tell who was and who wasn't mad! So is this woman.

The devil wants us to get off our attention from the worship night coming soon and we chess this woman instead!

Worship night is here come what may,  get ready for what God is about to do!
25th November.
The King wil be there!

Watch the video here....