Comedian Omuketebe goes back to Galaxy Fm

Posted: 2016-10-06T06:48:45Z Read: 2,426 times
Comedian Omuketebe goes back to Galaxy Fm

Popular Comedian Omukebete retains his job at Kansanga based Galaxy FM after 2 years of being away. The son of 'Maam Muke as commonly known reaffirmed his position on the Evening rush show that features veteran Mr. Mosh, Prim Assimwe and Lito Jo.

The comedian had earlier quit the station for personal obligations but seems he is back with a better bang. Overheard speaking to friends he assured them how this is gonna be his magical return.

On the show, he keeps his comic aspect throwing in punch lines and especially the famous Kifulanenge news that he does in reverse direction.

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