Bloody! .... Pallaso - Sheebah Beef Takes A New Twist

Posted: 2016-04-15T12:23:28Z Read: 11,230 times
Bloody! .... Pallaso - Sheebah Beef Takes A New Twist

This is getting bloody! And Singer Pius Mayanja famously known Pallaso is not yet about to back off…after fellow singer humiliated him at the recent TV interview. Sheebah boldly told the public that Pallaso has no balls! It’s the reason he doesn’t act like a man!

Why would he attack me, yet am a woman? If he has problems with Jeff Kiwa, he should act like a man, meet Jeff Kiwa...face him like a real man and tell him what he feels bad about him...and they settle their issues other than involving me! That's what real men do....
i have never attacked Pallaso and i will never ever attack any musician in this industry!.

All in all Wantama is not about Pallaso, if he feels he wants to be the WANTAMA, it's his choice!, Sheebah said

In retaliation, Pallaso has come out through social media in a cryptic message to Sheebah that reads;

You want a man to to treat you like a woman?? Then act like one ... You want a man to treat you like a man?? Act like one ...Don't be a woman who acts like a man and only pull out the woman card to your advantage.. You always gon get it how you bring it !! ‪#‎ImABoss

It should be recalled that Pallaso recently released a diss song, “Bagwamu” as a response to Sheebah’s latest single, “Wantama”, which he believes was a direct attack on his privacy!

We have the two songs here! Listen through and leave us with a comment.

Sheebah Karungi's - “Wantama” | MP3 Download

Pallaso's - “Bagwamu” | MP3 Download

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