I’m Not Pregnant for Weasel – Singer, Able Tashar Cries Out!

Posted: 2016-02-23T09:57:08Z
I’m Not Pregnant for Weasel – Singer, Able Tashar Cries Out!

Following singer Weasel’s debatable rendezvous with upcoming musicians Able Tasha and Anita da Diva, rumour has going around in the entertainment circles that Tasha could have swallowed Weasel’s live leg and was probably pregnant…a reason that many thought Weasel’s romance with Samira was hanging on a string.

In a chat with Howwe.biz, Losing Control singer enjoined the public to disregard the rumour confirming her pregnancy as false!

In a bid to clear the air on a rumour making rounds on social media of how she is in hiding nursing ‘Weasel’s Pregnancy’, Able Tasha boldly stated that she’s not pregnant for Weasel.

“Am in studio working on my coming Album, I don’t have time for sex. Anyway, FYI I am not pregnant for Weasel, Me and him are great friends as in we are so free with each other but nothing more than that. My relationship with him is Strictly Business and Highly Professional. Thank you”

It should be noted that a last year, Samira and Weasel were photo’d getting cozy in the dark which raised suspicion if she ever survived the ever hungry whopper of Weasel. See photos

Weseal and Tasha In Hiding last year

However, when our snoops further pushed to know about her relationship status, the singer disclosed she is single but active in bed when need be.

Meanwhile, singer is in studio working on her first album which she says will have six tracks and a possibility of collaborating with Weasel on one of the songs.

Watch this space!