A Pass Replies To Fans Calling Him A ‘Horny Adolescent’

Posted: 2016-01-21T11:33:43Z Read: 5,952 times
A Pass Replies To Fans Calling Him A ‘Horny Adolescent’

For the whole of last week, social media has been awash with stories of how dancehall singer Alexander Bagonza aka A Pass had declared his love for radio and TV presenter Flavia Tumusiime.

In fact, some people called the singer an adolescent, who is who is hungry for sex and wants to break his virginity on an old woman of Flavia’s age! However, Flavia came up and turned down his request saying A Pass is a small boy who is not in her class of men.

Meanwhile, before the relationship could last for a week, A Pass was apparently forced to apologize by Flavia if he actually wanted peace with her!

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In what seemed like withdrawal of feelings, A Pass kept on social media crying like a kid who wants to breast feed, together with sympathizers. But in a way to motivate himself, he took to Facebook and heard this to say

It's funny how people forget all the good things you have been doing continuously and dwell on the one thing they think you did wrong. #ManKindIsSoUnKind #BwakwagalaOlina.

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