Booom!! — A Pass Apologizes To Tumusiime Flavia For Loving Her

Posted: 2016-01-14T11:07:54Z Read: 17,584 times
Booom!!  — A Pass Apologizes To Tumusiime Flavia For Loving Her

All is not well for A Pass. The singer has issued an apology to his secret admirer, Tumusiime Flavia,

A Pass a few minutes ago took to social media and said:

I am human and when we make mistakes we have to make triple effort to fix it. But in this situation there is little that I can do but I am sorry Tumusiime Flavia, Am sorry for my actions. And i honestly don't want us to drown in this drama.
I believe everyone has rights to their feelings and I am sorry for wronging you, Sometimes we do things without thinking about how it affects the other person involved which is selfish, but I am here to take responsibility for my mistake because i am in wrong and I want you to feel happy. I believe there is no peace without forgiveness and that's why I kindly ask for your forgiveness, I'm sorry for what I said Flavia... ‪#‎IamApass

Apparently, his apology comes after yesterday’s phone call from Flavia to just leave her alone or else action be taken against him. A close sources to A Pass’s camp tells Howwe, that Flavia even deleted A Pass’s comment from her yesterday’s Facebook post. It is said the two agreed that A Pass issues out a public apology.

Watch this space.

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