Businessman in trouble for selling stolen Motorcycles 

Posted: 2019-06-26T10:05:36Z
Businessman in trouble for selling stolen Motorcycles 

Police in Kampala has in custody a businessman identified as Gilbert Ngabo who was arrested from Katwe for allegedly selling spare parts of stolen motorcycles.

Kampala Metropolitan deputy Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire says Ngabo was picked up last evening together with five others in an operation led by the Commander of Katwe Police Station Ivan Kareiga,.

He adds that the operation stemmed from complainants from various people registered in General Enquiry File (GEF) 05/2019 in which they accused Ngabo of masterminding motorcycle robberies and dismantling them for spare parts.

Police says it registered dozens of complaints from people in Katwe, Ndeeba, Natete and other nearby areas.  The Arresting team was comprised of covert police officers and detectives.   Spare parts and number plates of different motorcycles were recovered from Ngabo’s shop.  Some of the recovered number plates include UDJ 810Y, UEN 163Z, UDJ 942M, UEB 898C, UEC 830T, UDX 951E and UDM 866L.

“Some complete motorcycles Registration number UEB 298D, UDH 634I, UER 533X, UDS 570C, UDV 104M, UDJ 234S were also recovered near his shop and were subsequently taken as exhibits,” Kareiga’s said.  

Owoyesigire has urged people whose motorcycles were stolen to crosscheck the number plates and avail information that would help the ongoing investigations. Ngabo faces charges of robbery.