Kalangala Pedophile arrested again

Posted: 2019-02-26T15:50:35Z
Kalangala Pedophile arrested again

The Police Criminal Investigations Department has caged a one Bernhard Glaser, a suspected Pedophile who has been living at Ssese Humanitarian Center, in Kalangala District.

The Pedophile is also the Director of Ssese Humanitarian Services, a German/Belgian humanitarian initiative providing that has been providing rehabilitation services to infected, affected, abused and violated girls in Kalangala district. The centre known among locals as Bery's place also provides psychosocial care to victims of sexual related offenses.

Except, it is believed the children were instead living in hell with him.

The center was used by Police in Kalangala as a center for the rehabilitation of sexually violated children until 2016 when other registered homes were instituted. At this particular place, Glaser opted to have only female children who received training in reflexology and Sexual Reproductive Health. But he has been accused of sexually harassing these less privileged children under his care.

Police detectives raided his home in Mwena Island, on Saturday from where they arrested his wife Ingrid Hehns and 15 children.

This followed unending appeals by some of the children to the Resident District Commissioner Daniel Kikoola to investigate cases of sexual violence at the centre.
Glaser was arrested today when he appeared at the Crime Investigations Department in Kibuli with a team of his Lawyers. This wa confirmed by head of the operation Rosemary Nalubega.

However,  Tonny Lubanga Kigoonya, one of the directors at the Ssese Humanitarian Services says that Bernhard Glaser's arrest is hatched by haters who only prefer to see the organization fail.

 The suspect was first arrested in November 2013 and charged after two children under his care accused him of sexual abuse. Aged between 12 and 14, the children said that Glaser had repeatedly defiled them since 2007. He however was detainef for more than two months.

During this particular operation in which he was arrested, police recovered a dildo and lubricants that he allegedly applied to the victims before defiling them. The detectives found that all girls at the facility had implants, one of the ways used by ladies in family planning.

21 suspected victims were relocated to Kampala for safe custody, but 19 of the children returned to Kalangala days later.

But the case was in 2015 dismissed by Justice John Eudes Keitirima dismissed due to lack of evidence.