Ziza Bafana Lures Naira Ali Into Illuminati

Posted: 2015-12-13T07:18:15Z
Ziza Bafana Lures Naira Ali Into Illuminati

The celebrated dancehall and jungle music star Kasendwa alias Ziza Bafana is said to be on a grave paving mission of recruiting several upcoming artistes and youth into illuminate.

One of Ziza’s latest recruits is struggling singer Naira Ali, with whom he did the now famous ‘Shy girl’. Besides, relying on a sure deal point,  in their music video Bafana is seen flashing several Illuminate signs like the Beast’s horns, Horus, All seeing Eye, and the Pyramid.

Better still our bees reveal that he normally flashes these signs in several of his videos, most of which contain overt sexual scenes with the aim of reaching out to illuminati agents, with assurance that he’s doing a good job for spreading their message.

Rumour has it again that, when he attended Alex of the Triplets group Vigil, he was seen posing before the camera flashing Illuminati signs thus prompting fans and mourners to start whispering that ‘Bafana has turned the ‘Sitya Loss’ kid burial into Illuminacy.