Shocker: NTV’s Kleith Kyatuhaire’s Completely Naked Photos Leak

Posted: 2015-12-08T09:07:41Z
Shocker: NTV’s Kleith Kyatuhaire’s Completely Naked Photos Leak

When did Jesus say his return would be? Howwe can confirm by the time he comes back, we may have little or no normal behavior judging from the current situation in the country.

Women are increasingly making their private parts public. Kleith Kyatuhaire is the latest celebrity to serve us with her naked body! The photos were leaked yesterday night and they are making rounds on all social media platforms especially Whatsapp!

No doubt Kleith Kyatuhaire will feign being shocked and embarrassed by the leaking of these nude pictures, and she will try to claim that her cell phone was hacked so that no one will state the obvious that she has apparently been exposing her body to different city men who we think could have decided to team up and expose her due to her high level of gold-digging. .

Regardless of how they got out, the fact remains that Kleith Kyatuhaire’s nude pictures are now part of the public record, and people will begin to speculate on whether Kleith took these racy pictures for her numerous South African and Dubai lovers… but the smart money for exposing her body is becoming sour.

Meanwhile, Howwe has learnt that there is a sex tape too… Watch this space!