Pallaso Declares Jihad On Jeff Kiwa: “It Will Not End Until One Of Us Dies”

Posted: 2015-10-19T16:15:59Z Read: 10,047 times

Shocking details have emerged as Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso has vowed to crush Jeff Kiwa to garbage.

“I will not stop until one of us is dead as Pallaso announces Jihad on Jeff Kiwa”

Over the weekend, Pallaso still insisted that Jeff killed his brother AK 47. Last month, Pallaso claimed that he knows that Jeff has a hand in his brother’s death.

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According to Pallaso, he says Jeff did not only kill his brother AK47, but went and stole some of his brother’s property like laptops among others.

“We shall not be killed like rats, Jeff will pay for what he did,” he vowed.

 “Let me assure you, it will not end until one of us dies. People always say that we have bad manners forgetting that we are also human beings.” Pallaso told friends at Club Venom beach bar