Professor Big Eye Successfully Dumped

Posted: 2015-10-13T13:35:16Z Read: 8,587 times

I can’t say this is a surprise, The rift between Sheila Don Zella and Prof. Bigeye has, for some time now been escalating  as the couple grew apart, it was only a matter of time for their relationship to fall apart and that time was yesterday.

Sheila Patience (Zella) finally dumped her hubby Professor Big Eye. Apparently, the singer was ungrateful and disrespectful of their relationship;

Am tired of being disrespected enough is enough never forget and disrespect that one person who was there for u before u were nothing.”—Don Zella.

The Nalongo took to her Facebook, posted a photo of her ex-lover and showered him with praises, that he was a real man and the best daddy in the world 

 “He’s the best daddy in the world my everything, he’s the reason I have class, he is the reason am responsible, he is the reason am respected, he is the reason I am a good mother, he is the reason I am smilling and he is the man behind my success everyone can go but he promised to love me untill death.