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J Cole’s Fans In US Attack Flavia Tumusiime: ‘You Should Be Sexually Starving On Rapper's D*CK!’

Posted: 2015-09-24T14:02:23Z Read: 22,128 times

Some Ugandans are still in shock after sexy Flavia Tumusiime made a famous comment on social media, describing how she turned down US rapper J Cole sexual advances!

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J Cole is regarded as one of the coolest and handsome guy in the music game, and many think it would be ‘silly’ if you turned down him down!

As Ugandans are still absorbing Flavia’s whopper shy antics, J Cole fans in the US have hit back at Flavia saying….She actually missing J Cole’s D*CK!

This blacklash came after a popular American Blog,, re-created a story from for their audience in a title! “BEAUTIFUL African Journalist Explains . . . How She REJECTED Rapper J Cole’s ADVANCES During An Interview!! (Was She RIGHT . . . Or Should She Have TAKEN ‘THE D’)??

Angry J Cole fans fired back at Flavia with all sorts of insults after reading the article. will not be able to post the insults here 'coz they are too explicit! Meanwhile, fans continue to ahame our Flavia decribing her as a desperate single woman who is sexually starving on J Cole’s D***!  They claim Flavia is sending encrypted message to J Cole after having not gotten enough of the rapper in bed that night of the interview!

The fans go ahead to think, that the photo below was taken moments before they slept together…. due to the body language!

Only a few comments were positive however much they seemed stingy at some point…check the one below!

J. Cole is probably the most positive top tier rapper out today and this goofy azz female is trying to slander him for attention. I hope that a lot of negative energy smacks her upside the head. She could have kept that personal business private. Big mouth she must have regrets now, One fan fairly commented out of a thousand comments.

J Cole has not said anything on this matter…..probably he doesn’t know that Flavia Tumusiime even exists!

So we ask, was Flavia right to say all these things before public? Isn’t it normal for girls to be hit on? Does that mean you go around mentioning their names, that ‘so and so’ wanted me and I turned him down?

What do you think?