Guvnor Murder: Ivan Kamyuka Sent Back to Luzira Prison

Posted: 2015-09-03T10:27:05Z Read: 7,457 times

Ivan Kamyuka the man in the eye of the storm over the death of fashion house owner Johnnie Ahimbisibwe has been sent back to Luzira.

Nakawa Grade One Magistrate, Christine Nantege, has today adjourned the mentioning of the case in which Ivan Kamyuka is accused of murdering Johnie Ahimbisbwe in club Guvnor.

The state Prosecutor, Joyce Anyango asked court  for a short adjournment so that they may finalize the remaining investigations in this matter and have the accused committed to the High court in time.

The magistrate adjourned the matter to September 10 for mention.

In his view, the defense counsel, Julius Galisonga revealed that they are ready to proceed as soon as the accused is committed to High court for trial.

(Credit: Chimplyf)