What Desire Luzinda and Winnie Nwangi Have In Common

Posted: 2015-08-05T12:52:47Z

Ekitone hit maker Dersire Luzinda  and fast rising diva Winnie Nwangi have quite a lot of things in common. They all started off this year with a tight competitive music career -- fans sometimes say one of them is giving the other a run for her money. The two divas leave fans not sure of what side to belong for they have probably the same features that fans look forward to in a diva and here some of them.

Tight Booty

They both have equally the same kind of booty that naughty fans always die to ogle every time a gig involves either of the divas. Their stage performances have a history of fans wilding out; some even lose dignity in the process of getting a glimpse of the assets on display at the stage!  Its total chaos out there on a concert night, the security team seldom battles with crazy fans mesmerized by either of the diva’s goodies! Fans just can’t get enough of that booty!

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Same Music Style

They both sound the same in their vocals characterized with seductive soothing sexy voice good enough to take the stress of a long day a way. The choice of beats to their songs has a lot of key notes flowing in unison making it a unified sound common in most of their records. The same music styles therefore, commands the same fan base entirely.

Skin Complexion

Both divas undeniably have the same skin color for the most part unless the other starts bleaching, they will always have the same complexion. They all have the true natural African beauty skin color and to we fans that’s good enough.

It’s only competition that can distinguish these two divas.