Moze Radio and Weasel on Why Ugandan Artist Lose Awards.

Posted: 2015-07-22T12:55:41Z

The goodlyfe crew’s opinion on why we Ugandans lose at international awards is one to take note of as it has more sense than you ever imagined just enough to be digested and applied with immediate effect.

They highlight everything from the necessary to unnecessary not forgetting the most pressing challenge faced by all the nominees’ fans.

The post analysis on their facebook page reads

Exclusive perspective as Ugandan Artists, we have been nominated in so many big music awards from B.E.T, Channel O,World Music Awards , MTV MAMA'S, HONESTY OSCARS, and many more.
We managed scooping some accolades and the other times we have failed, this is due to disunity and indifferncenes not favouring team Uganda as One. 
(1) Most awards, voting is done online and we have a few internet users.
(2) We are not united as one

That’s it, take it or continue losing. Food for thought!