Zuena Consoles Bebe Cool After His Big Loss

Posted: 2015-07-19T12:46:02Z

This is probably why every man needs a wife. When things go wrong, whether the whole country is against you, your wife can always be there to give you some hope to keep you going. Besides ... the oath!

It seems everyone, except Gagamel Phamily members, wanted Bebe Cool to lose ... as if any proof were needed, social media is, but Zuena Kirema, wife to Big Size Bebe Cool, will not give up on his hubby whether you hate the guy or not.

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As a concerned wife, following his loss, she took to her Facebook fan page and shared photos taken on screen while Bebe Cool appeared on the stage to present the "Best Collabo" MAMA Award. Her post reads:

With or without the award,you've represented Uganda so well..thanks for raising our flag up high my love. You are a winner and will always be.

BEBE COOL Loses ... Not Really Surprising, Here's Why!

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