Sorry, Zuena's Pregnancy Magic Did Not Help Bebe Cool this Time!

Posted: 2015-07-18T23:57:12Z

12 days ago, Howwe broke the story "I Will WIN The MAMA Award Because Zuena Is Pregnant — Bebe Cool" — it was a bold move for the legendary singer to come out like that, but it was expected.

A day after, fellow singer and Firebase top dog, Bobi Wine, asked his fans to vote for Bebe Cool in hopes that the "Love You Everyday" singer would change his "ill-mannered" ways once he won.

"Bobi Wine Has live SEX With Ladies Of Night Clubs" -- Bebe Cool (War Escalates)

The statement however did not make Bebe Cool happy — he took to his Facebook fan page and shared a hate post most Ugandans called "ridiculous". Bebe Cool attacked Bobi Wine and his family ... but was criticized most for insulting Bobi's kids claiming they're a result of "live sex" with random club girls, not Barbie.

In his post, Bebe Cool insulted Firebase fans in the most cruel way ever.

By the way I thought fans r for musicians with good music,little did I know there r fans for big mouths,n just to remind u voting for bebecool is by academy,on internet,for the learned, with MBs,and those who can PRESS buttons.

Bebe then asked Bobi's fans not to vote for him in the MAMA Awards because "u will vote wrongly n we might lose" ... but he LOST anyway!

I know u seeking attention but wrong move boy n to all fans of this TONTOMIST,pliz DONT vote for me coz u will vote wrongly n we might lose.

BEBE COOL Loses ... Not Really Surprising, Here's Why!

In the earlier post, Bebe Cool shared what he called a "True personal story" bragging about how everytime his wife Zuena gets pregnant, all sorts of good things happen to him ... declairing that he will definitely bring the MAMA home.

Every time my wife gets pregnant,all sorts of good things happen to me.With the love of ALLAH,and the support I have from East Africa mostly my HOME country UGANDA,the first ever biggest MTV award is coming home insha Allah.some one may ask y not finish the house?and I will say it's just not my choice neither my worry at this time.

Sorry, this is not Harry Potter magic — you don't need to pay Hogwart's tuition — and neither is it about luck.

——Social Media has turned Bebe Cool's loss into a joke ... and one of the funniest quotes being used is "He named his album "GO MAMA" ... it came to pass, the "MAMA" ran away!"

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