Finally, UG's Most Beautiful Princess Ruth Komuntale is Dating, Again ... Making Thomas Jealous

Posted: 2015-06-27T18:08:21Z Read: 12,910 times

Let's not get over excited that she's finally dating someone ... for the most beautiful woman in Uganda, Tooro princess Ruth Komuntale has taken longer than we thought. But anyway, let's pray he's not the Chris type, because everybody seems to hate that guy.

Komuntale has finally revealed she's in love with someone ... his identity still hush-hush, for now. She's really excited, especially with the last gifts he sent her—women's cosmetics and beauty products—you know, women stuff.

She took to her instagram and shared a photo of the gifts, and captioned it with a man-praise message ... and we think she's trying to make someone Jealous—ahh, who else?—Chris Thomas.

The caption reads:

He sure knows how to treat a lady after a long day #gettingspoiltalready #heknowsmewell 

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She must be enjoying herself ... and we're happy for her.

As for Christopher Thomas, we haven't heard about him since the accident ... we hope he is okay!

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