Sister To The Late Nolly Wood Actor Muna Obiekwe Reveals The Truth Behind His Death - Video

Posted: 2015-02-13T13:00:10Z

Nolly Wood actor the late Muna Obiekwe got every fan and concerned parties worried a lot, asking questions why , what happened, wishing they could have done something, but all in vain because they have not done anything at all about it.

According to his step sister, Muna's high blood pressure provoked his Kidney failure. She also stated that their uncles had plans of returning to Nigeria for Muna's transplant, but the actor passed away before their return.

She also revealed that he was taking his drugs, but couldn't follow up properly because he was always on set.

Speaking on Muna keeping his illness private, she stated that the late actor was a very private person.

"Fuck them" she said about people saying he didn't tell them about his sickness.

"Assuming he said he was sick, they would have helped. Did they come to contribute to his burial?" Didi they come to know how far the family is moving on" - She added.


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