A Pass Parades A New Babe! She’s Too Hot For Singer’s Cowardliness

Posted: 2015-02-02T09:04:31Z Read: 4,579 times

Popular afro, reggae and dance hall artist Alexander Bagonza aka A Pass of Am Loving fame, broke a chain of women’s hearts when he paraded her ‘bed warmer’.

Our eagle eyed snoops identified the lady as Meener Maraj, a very beautiful lady but stubborn Character on social media!

“The angelic voiced singer is said to have surrendered his all to this sweet looking woman who can be described in two words VERY YUMMY,” snoops intimated.

Snoops added that the shyness of A Pass is seen in his eyes despite being brave to share the photo on social media! This is what A Pass captioned the picture!

“#Repost @meener_maraj
Life is so crazy and amazing I just can't imagine how I met you #Maraj my dear friend ....I think only God knows #LearningHowToSmile I knew that but for no reason I didn't Lolest #ToastToFriendship #Kakaaga”

That looked like cowardly statement in the eyes of stubborn Meener Maraj, she replied:

“Coward!!! Oohh myy fuc#in goodness.. I swear today you're sooooooo dead.. I expected this anyway.. lol **flips hair and goes back to bed**.. #revengetimeiscomingthough.. anyways those two are not friends per now.. you know what am talking about young boy...... kakaaga is soooo oba how?”  she wrote!

Well check out their instagram conversation!

A Pass welcome to the world of Ladies! We are following you up!