I Appreciate Every Moment of Ariana Grande's Relationship — Big Sean:

Posted: 2015-01-27T10:11:12Z

But in the February issue of Complex, the “IDFWU” rapper opens up about their romance and explains why it works so effortlessly.

“We started as friends,” Big Sean tells the magazine. “I’d never done that. Usually you meet a girl and then start dating. We always saw each other in the studio, and we’d talk about songs we were working on. It was cool to have a girl that I could talk to about my problems. I did that with her. It’s not some fake-ass, inauthentic sh*t when I say we were friends. This is something special and I appreciate every moment of it.”

And although their relationship is often fodder for the media, the rapper insists he doesn’t allow the attention to affect what they have.

“I don’t think about it like that,” he also tells Complex. “You can’t be afraid, because when you’re afraid you don’t give it your all.”