Why Not? Rachel K's Xmas Gift Pack came with Weird Lazy Pants and ... A Smile -- PHOTO

Posted: 2014-12-25T22:41:36Z Read: 3,144 times

She's probably the best female vocalist in Uganda, lives her life and never really seems to care about any unfavorable judgment ... because she's so much better than you know.

Rachel K just released visuals to her new hit song "APPLICATION" f/ Jeanette-Triniti Marilyn Bhaguandas better known by her alias Ms. Triniti ... the always smilling K looked liked it was time for her to let off her work and join the Xmas humor by being completely hilarious in lazy pants, big geek glasses and a hoody ... with of course, a container of candy. 

That was her Xmas gift pack for you ... and a very big happy smile. -- see the photo!

Xmass Gift : Rachel K puts on a big happy smile and a pack of candy for you.

MORE : Check out Rachel K's new music video for APPLICATION Here!

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