SHAME: Big Trill Calls A Hair Drier – The Hair Microwave.

Posted: 2014-11-27T23:43:24Z

Most of us think everything is obvious especially when it comes to the elite that even have exposure to some of today’s technology more than an ordinary person. Rapper Big Trill of Baboon forest entertainment happens to be a victim of overrating and you can’t believe how it didn’t cross his mind ,his hair was to be dried in a hair drier after washing.

Big trill as quoted

Went to the saloon to wash my hair and now they've put me in this device that warms hair! Strange.Gadget this is ..i shall name it THE HAIR MICROWAVE! ..Thank me later hehe

For the sake of fans what was he thinking , I suggest he should have said nothing at all, not the hair microwave.

With all that said, not everything is obvious and you can’t assume any more, unless you’re sure it’s what you really think it is.