Singer Cindy Utterly Screwed, Impregnated And Dumped!

Posted: 2014-11-22T01:39:09Z Read: 9,875 times

The story of Singer Cindy never ends, the end is the beginning…it’s a total dilemma just like her song sums it up.

Last week Cindy posted this on her Facebook page:

"Have u ever woken up one day and realized that EVERYTHING u thought u knew about someone so close to u is in fact a LIE? How do you move on from that? I'm in a dilemma to tell u the truth,"

When speaking to a local radio station, Cindy revealed that she met Kenneth at Club Silk who told her that he had left Phina the same way Cindy left Mario. Kenneth who had come for the GoodLyfe unplugged show at Silk was wafting money at almost everyone in the club just like most Ugandans living in South Africa do when they come back to their home country.  With these words and the cash, Cindy decided to peruse a relationship with him only to be disappointed after.

Now latest we have, the Sangoma is back with his pencil thin former wife Phina Masanyalaze, with whom they have a baby named Sandton. And it is allegedly that Phina Masanyalaze went to mama Phina for help, which at the time it seems to be working!

We also being told that Kenneth actually left Cindy just two weeks after she had introduced him to her relatives and friends. But Cindy has been nursing heartbreaks until last week when she couldn't take it anymore...after Ken was rumoured to be telling friends mbu 'Cindy tawooma mu bulili' literally meaning 'Cindy is not sweet in bed'!!

Cindy is heavily pregnant with Muyiisa’s baby though she has repeadly denied it claiming she just put on some weight. Watch this space…. Will Cindy go back to Mario too!!!