Artists Ask Bebe Cool to Forgive Songwriter Black Skin 

Posted: 2021-12-06T19:03:26Z
Artists Ask Bebe Cool to Forgive Songwriter Black Skin 

Songwriter Black Skin was sent to Kitaalya prison on Thursday over charges of blackmailing Gagamel boss, Bebe Cool.

Several entertainers have come out and asked Bebe Cool to pardon him. They believe their burning issue can be solved between the two people without involving the authorities.

Musician Vampino, a close friend to Black Skin begged Bebe Cool to let the issue go for the good of the creative industry.

"Art is always a given gift, let's solve this and have harmony in our creative industry, prison is not the only solution," he wrote on his social media platforms.

Other entertainers who have appealed to Bebe Cool for Black Skin's freedom include; Producer Eno beats, Kalifah Aganaga, and Pallaso among others.

The rift between Bebe Cool and Black Skin started when the songwriter took to social media platforms to state that Bebe Cool failed to pay him for writing a song titled, "Gyenvude".

He later released his version of the song something that infuriated  Bebe Cool.

Black Skin also vowed to end Bebe Cool's career.