Frank Gashumba Finally Speaks Out To Haters

Posted: 2014-10-29T08:03:21Z

Finally Frank Gashumba has spoken….after a long week full of him. According to Gashumba, he just laughs off people who spend a lot of time on Facebook discussing and ranting about him, instead of working to build themselves.

Mr. Gashumba who posted a controversial post last week on social media, saying anyone one who hates on her daughter is like a village pig…...Yes, a village pig like this one:

villlage pig

According to Frank Gashumba today morning, posted on Facebook while he is in his farm looking at his cows and expressed his sympathy like;

As quoted:

Ffe tuli bulungi nnyo nnyo.Katonda ayongera kutukolera by'amagero.

Tusomose agayanja ate oleete ebitaba?,Tubuuse ebiswa ate oleete enkulukuku?,Tumekese amacupa ate oleete endeku?. Mwenna mikwango gyange Mukama abawe nnyo omukisa.

Literally meaning:

We are doing very very great. God is still doing amazing things unto us. We have managed to come out hard times that are like stormy floods, and then you’re talking of simple floods? We have overcome mound of earth made by ants on the way and you talking of small stones? We have managed to eat glass and your bringing calabash?? To all my friends God bless you very much.

There you have it, stop wasting time ranting about Gashumba, he is busy in Masaka looking after his cows on the farm.