Jose Chameleone Thumps Dj Roja Of Club Venom Into Dizzy Land.

Jose Chameleone, has gone back to his old days of fighting….according to sources

Jose Chameleone Thumps Dj Roja Of Club Venom Into Dizzy Land.
Story by Gee Mukama \

Jose Chameleone, has gone back to his old days of fighting….according to sources we have from the eye witness by the names of Brincon Woods says Chameleone thumped Dj Roja of Club Venom yesterday. This was after the Dj again refused to play Chameleone’s song. Remember, last week this same dj was clobbered punches by Nick Nola, who the dj later revealed to us that Nick Nola is a struggling gay artist!

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As the witness says:

Jose Chameleone of Uganda beating up "dj Roja" at Club Venom yesterday is not the solution for your video's to be aired up on international channels (Mtv Base, BET, Channel.O) but it takes good video quality & respect for djs in this bizness. we are so tired of your violence Mzee yozefu. the last time i checked your father-in-law had a bigger piece of land in Mutungo Biina why don't you resort to agriculture or cattle keeping if music is not doing good for you, your life is ...full of violence yet your supported by nails in your feet which with time we both know your heading on a wheel chair. these last days of your stand i prefer you work hard for your kids who are still young other than roaming around the night fighting djs & young stars, you should work on how to get international air play other than struggling to hear your audio being played in a club when your even high on drugs & alcohol making your wife to be worried all the time about your everyday violence you cause day & night. young stars are busy winning major international awards but your too busy fighting for one video (wale wale) to be played which even the audio beat of it got to be copied from your young brother's trending song showing how old your getting without you noticing itcoz your too busy letting your ego control you. you may think your a mafia but we shall burry you 6ft down the ground like other mafia's you look upon too, yozefu enough of your violence or soon we are gonna open up a community page on you for other musical bodies in the world to see your impact of violence being caused in Uganda & on djs too we chose to rescue you from going to jail in 2012 thinking your a better man & you will get time to settle with your family but nothing has worked out for you. remember a case is never closed until justice is got so watch your ways yozefu. those gangs that protect you won't even be there at your funeral but your too busy fighting people who will lift your casket. mzee yozefu change your ways coz the impact of your violence will soon affect your family as a man yet they are innocent kids. if you want to listen to your music go to your wife's home and turn up your radio no one will stop you other than hindering people's clubs more of it construct your own club and see if there is anyone who will stop your dj to play your music but as long as your still roaming into peopl's club please show some respect mzee because not all of us understand swahili you sing this is uganda. if you need ampo play of your swahili music you can cross to tanzania or kenya who understand swahili better stop making people in clubs uncomfortable by your uncivilised etiquettes coz people come in clubs to enjoy not to listen to your swahili jiblish songs. take my advise mzee yozefu coz next time we will unleash all your skeletons in the closet & trust me non of your gang boys will stand to share it with you. old man jose chameleone remember the devil is a lie its high time you resorted to god if things are not working well for you.enough of your violence yozefu we are so tired so so so tired of violence check your score board your fellow musicians are doing good music your too busy re-shooting old music videos what is that old man?? having some few flights around the wolrd doesn't make you an international artist it is getting nominated & awarded by internatinal music bodies & award organising companies that makes you an international artist., take notes mzee coz next time we won't be there to warn you against your stupid violence. ‪#‎lwaki ‪#‎tokula mu bwongo since your outside body is already turning 50years!!!

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