Big Tril Blasts Arrogant Frank Gashumba

Posted: 2014-10-28T00:48:25Z

As the arrogant Gashumba faces wrath of his uncalculated words he normally utters to public, everyone is up to his neck to come out and officially apologize to the public before he is pulled from top to ground zero.

Last week, Gashumba tagged the public village pigs after it was allegedly that her daughter paid Whiz Kid to have sex with her. This didn’t go well with Gashumba after some part of media; he thinks they called her daughter a basic bitch.

Now even celebrities have come out to assure Gashumba, having money doesn’t make one call the public village pigs.

Big Tril has come out to put up this opinion on this...

As quoted:

Having Billions on Your Account doesn’t give you audacity to label poor people Pigs! ... So disappointed

Hey look?, what does Gashumba’s word really mean, to a villager?....

Check Photo.