Sasha Brighton Gets Own Fan Arrested  

Posted: 2021-08-01T18:34:08Z
Sasha Brighton Gets Own Fan Arrested  

Musician Sasha Brighton has recently been engaged in some sort of war with a former staunch fan of hers identified as Derrick.

He was the leader of Sasha’s fans club until a few weeks back when he felt the singer was not reciprocating the love he and other members were giving her. 

He quit and disbanded the group, then resorted to a smear campaign against her. 

Derrick appeared in the media and accused Sasha Brighton of being bad-hearted and not standing with members of the family, yet they often bought her Pizza whenever she needed it, among other gifts.

Terming it as blackmail, the singer reported a case at Katwe Police station, and the fan was arrested and detained. Charges against him are not yet known.