‘Singer Jose Chameleone Is A Poor Fella On The Ledge’- Bebe Cool

Posted: 2014-10-25T07:03:55Z

Kasepiki hit maker Bebe Cool declared Tubonge singer Jose Chameleone a broke dude on the ledge

Kasepiki hit maker Bebe Cool declares Tubon­­ge singer Jose Chameleone a broke dude living on the ledge. According to Howwe’s Correspondent Bebe on Saturday at Bat Valley Theater said that the claims by Chameleon as the richest East African artist were false adverts because to his understanding, Chameleon is serviving on handouts.

With emphasis Bebe further asked, ‘where is the Range Rover Jose was driving ? and that he knows it was reclaimed by its owner one Sipapa’.

And to drive the last nail into the coffin of Jose Chameleone ,Bebe cool  blamed media for spreading false evidence about Chameleone’s wealth which is not true because what he knows is that your boy Jose doesn’t have a house of his own and  Wale Wale is just a pass by song.

Fans this is definitely a dog fight whereby the two have to fight till death and will keep you posted on this fame saga.