Bad Black Pushes Wedding  Due to Lockdown 

Posted: 2021-06-29T17:49:39Z
Bad Black Pushes Wedding  Due to Lockdown 

Socialite Bad Black is back in the country after spending weeks eating life with a big spoon in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

She narrated that she took a break from Kampala life after they announced the lockdown. She needed to take a break from the Ugandan drama.

She explained that her wedding has also been postponed due to lockdown but it will happen soon. 

She had invited different people from all over the world, she wants all of them to attend the wedding.

"It will happen after the lockdown, I want all the guests I invited to attend because it's a special event in my life which needs to be," she said in an interview with local television.

Bad Black is engaged to an energetic boyfriend known as Asha.