Desire Luzinda: Life in America is Hard  

Posted: 2021-06-10T18:25:39Z
Desire Luzinda: Life in America is Hard  

Singer Desire Luzinda is in the country and she launched a foundation recently at Serena Hotel.

Luzinda moved to the States about two years ago.  

While launching her foundation last week, Luzinda revealed that before she relocated to America, she was always worried about going out of Uganda, and when she finally did, her worries came to reality as she found it hard to live there.

 “It’s tough. I went to America to start over after going through so much in Uganda. Sometimes, I would be at work and cry. God is helping me overcome the challenges, and that’s why I give my trust in him,” she explained.

Desire Luzinda stays in California, America with her daughter, Mitchell.