I Owe My Success to GNL Zamba - Mun G

Posted: 2021-05-02T06:21:26Z
I Owe My Success to GNL Zamba - Mun G

Musician Mun G is among the entertainers who were groomed by GNL Zamba in the Baboon Forest Music group.

In a new interview, he expressed gratitude and respect for GNL Zamba, who helped him kickstart his career.  

He revealed GNL Zamba didn't only advise him on doing Hip Hop music but also sponsored his first projects.

In an interview with a local YouTuber, the "Bitwaala" singer said he owes all his success to the legendary musician and will forever be grateful. 

"I respect him so much because of how much he has contributed to my success. He introduced me to Hip Hop and my success goes back to him," he partly said.

In 2014, Mun G quit Baboon Forest which nurtured him to concentrate on a solo career.